Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garage Sale Mary

I love garage sales! I love going to them and having them. I have met some really wonderful people and made some really good friends while having them and going to them. One friend years ago I met had a garage sale about every six months. I asked her one time if she would put me on her mailing list and she just cracked up! We became instant friends and she did put me on her mailing list so I could preview the sale before anyone else.

Having garage sales has allowed me to dump what I didn't want, get some quick cash and had some really good laughs with my family and friends. Watching people pick up the trash they thought was treasure is a kick. I never have a garage sale without my remote control fart machine. The surprise of a lady standing next to an old man that can't hear very good and the look of disgust and laughter over takes the hard work that goes into the sale.

I really didn't know what to write but this came to mind as the pretty weather is upon us and I know the garage sales will be in full swing for the spring soon. Never under estimate a sale until you get a good look at might get the deal of a life time and you might get a friend for a lifetime! GarageSaleMary

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