Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mother of Garage Sale

My love for garages sales began with my mother. She was very resourceful and good at organizing things. Of course she was a salesperson and didn't know it. She would sell the crappiest things and get money for it. I think she did it just to get a laugh. SUCKER!

As I write this, I recall a pretty large doll collection well over 15 dolls in my childhood. I am sure that those dolls got priced, displayed when I wasn't looking and sold before I knew what was going on. I don't think I saw the proceeds either!

Through the years we would continue to have garages sales, rain or shine and we would always find something to display and get some shock value. We waited for people to realize that something unusual was for sale and wonder WHY? Getting the laugh was sometimes better than the sale. Of course we would always have something great to eat. Mother always fed you and sometimes patrons! Just depending on how much you purchased.

When we didn't have anything to sell, we would certainly go to garage sales. It was a high we would get from finding just the right treasure for ourselves or for family and friends. When we couldn't find a treasure or get our fix, we would head to Walmart.

After my mom passed away, I would catch myself on Saturdays wanting to call her and see if she wanted to go garage sale hunting. It was hard for me on those days because that was our time together that we certainly agreed on.

Gotta go know, it is Saturday, beautiful weather and I am sure there are signs out there calling for me to come shop and buy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garage Sale Mary

I love garage sales! I love going to them and having them. I have met some really wonderful people and made some really good friends while having them and going to them. One friend years ago I met had a garage sale about every six months. I asked her one time if she would put me on her mailing list and she just cracked up! We became instant friends and she did put me on her mailing list so I could preview the sale before anyone else.

Having garage sales has allowed me to dump what I didn't want, get some quick cash and had some really good laughs with my family and friends. Watching people pick up the trash they thought was treasure is a kick. I never have a garage sale without my remote control fart machine. The surprise of a lady standing next to an old man that can't hear very good and the look of disgust and laughter over takes the hard work that goes into the sale.

I really didn't know what to write but this came to mind as the pretty weather is upon us and I know the garage sales will be in full swing for the spring soon. Never under estimate a sale until you get a good look at might get the deal of a life time and you might get a friend for a lifetime! GarageSaleMary